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Beginner Aikido Growing Fast!

Beginner Aikido - All Ages

While ITF Tae Kwon Do is the core martial art training at Van Binh Self Defense Academy, Aikido and Judo have been very effective additions to our student's complete self defense style. Last year, 2018, we increased our Aikido classes to include a beginner class that required no prerequisite Tae Kwon Do. We created an earlier beginner class to better accommodate parents with children who want to learn a very defensive martial arts style yet also get home in time for an early dinner. As you can see in this photo, we are almost at capacity for this popular class. Of course many of the students in a beginner class are younger, but adults often attend both this early class and the more advanced class that follows it, to get extra training in on a single day.

For the experienced youth and adults, the early/beginner class is a great place to work on Aikido fundamentals that when practiced and perfected give your martial art techniques much more strength and give you the confidence to execute them when needed.

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