Our Story

Van Binh Self Defense Academy was founded by Pioneer Grand Master Van Binh shortly after he arrived in Houston from Vietnam in 1975.  Grand Master Van Binh was an Olympic Competitor in Judo in his youth and was the first ITF Grand Master in the United States.


Our Academy teaches ITF Taekwon-Do, the traditional style, but in a modern way. The students will also learn Aikido and Judo techniques, as well as, some supporting Kung Fu and JuJitsu.

Our instructors have decades of experience building young students into strong, confident individuals and the academy's mission is to instill the tenets of martial arts: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit in all students young and old.

Grand Master Van Binh has more than 75 years of experience teaching the martial arts. Students at other schools around the world consider themselves lucky when attending one of his seminars, but at Van Binh  Academy the students benefit from his and his family's extensive knowledge and experience every day.   


Joining Grand Master Van Binh is Ms. Lan Van Binh, his oldest daughter.  As the Chief Instructor with over 40 years of training and teaching experience in several disciplines, she personally trains all black belts before they become an instructor.


Children, teens and adults train together.  We do this, so busy families can attend together rather than in multiple sessions per age group, and more importantly, so children can practice techniques with larger, stronger opponents as will almost always be the case in a real life situation. 


Classes are held Monday thru Saturday.

Students under 12 years old can attend as many as three classes a week without a fixed schedule. Other can attend as many sessions a week as they want, though we recommend at least twice weekly for best results.

8702 Beverly Hill Street      Houston, Texas 77063   (713) 782-3939

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