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Students From Around the Area

We all have busy schedules, and often times the proximity of an academy or activity is as important as its quality or cost. Certainly many factors go into the decision of which school to choose, and in this article I want to discuss the proximity factor. In the map below you will see the 'green' Van Binh Academy clearly marked. Most of our adult and children students live within this map area. This includes parts of the Alief, Houston, and Spring Branch ISD (School Districts). For adults without children, the proximity to their home is often less of a factor and instead, the academy's distance from work is often a factor. So many of our adult students work in the Galleria, West Park, I10 West, 59 SW and Memorial, Bellaire, Sharpstown and Harwin areas.

Our classes tend to start after work. Whether it's Taekwon-do, Aikido or Judo our academy will be an evening activity with the single exception of Saturday.

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